Cosmetics 3D Acrylic Makeup Organizer 360




    Delivery charges Rs.200= برائے مہربانی مکمل پتہ درج کریں ورنہ ہم آپ کا آرڈر نہیں بھیج سکیں گے - مکان یا دفتر کا نمبر، علاقے یا کالونی کا نام اور شہر کا نام فراہم کرنا ضروری ہے - شکریہ

    اس پروڈک کو حاصل کرنے کلیے آرڈر فارم پر کریں


    Fully transparent, acrylic organizer for storing cosmetics. The design rotates 360 degrees. Holds up to 200 items! A few tiers with a variety of shelves allow you to store everything: from nail polish and lipstick to lotions and tubes with cream. Packed in a bright gift box For the most stylish women who love fashionable and functional novelties, we offer Organizer 360 ° for Cosmetic 3D Rotating Frame 7006 Transparent. It’s always nice, when in everyday trivia you are surrounded by beauty and order. We bring to your attention a compact, stylish and at the same time quiet transparent organizer for cosmetics and bijouterie. Organizer for cosmetics Cosmetic Organizer will allow layers, one by one to place each thing on a convenient and intended place for it. In the upper part there are open cells for lipsticks, carcasses, creams, brushes and pencils. In the lower pull-out compartments can be used for special cosmetics, accessories and costume jewelry. The stand is made of transparent acrylic, it has a laconic design, so it will look harmonious on any dressing table. An indispensable accessory with which you will forget about the mess!

    • Excellent Value For Money
    • High Quality Product
    • Acrylic Cosmetic Organize
    • The ability to rotate, allowing you to have in constant reach all the necessary cosmetics;
    • The color of the case is transparent, which saves time in finding the right tube;
    • Functionality (1st – tier is practical for lipsticks and glitters, 2nd and 3rd is ideal for different diameter of cones, tubes and bottles)
    • Holds up to 200 items of cosmetics, varnishes, spices or other products
    • Can be used as an organizer for cosmetics, medicine or spices.
    • Number of storeys – 3 pieces.
    • Color – Transparent
    • Assembled Height: 10inch and Widht: 8.5 inch
    • The maximum permissible weight is 4.5 kg.


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