Finger Counter-Islamic Tasbih Buy One Get One Free




    Delivery charges Rs.200= برائے مہربانی مکمل پتہ درج کریں ورنہ ہم آپ کا آرڈر نہیں بھیج سکیں گے - مکان یا دفتر کا نمبر، علاقے یا کالونی کا نام اور شہر کا نام فراہم کرنا ضروری ہے - شکریہ

    اس پروڈک کو حاصل کرنے کلیے آرڈر فارم پر کریں


    New Digital Tasbeeh or Deluxe Finger Counter helps you count your Adhkaar in an easy manner by simply pressing the button every time you read or recite a particular Zikr It features a strap behind the digital counter so that you can easily wrap it around your finger and use it with ease It also has a reset button to start the count from zero again.

    AUTOMATIC: With Statistical reading, automatic power off and the counter can be cleared to zero.
    HIGH QUALITY: It is made of ABS plastic material with good resistance to falling, durable material.
    EASY TO USE: Scroll count and low-noise operation. Scroll down the thumb to start counting with the smooth roller.
    WIDE USE: Used for all kinds of meditation relaxation, decompression, active fingers, etc.
    PORTABLE: Mini sized counter is light weight, so it is easy to carry.


    • Excellent Value For Money
    • High Quality Product
    • New And unique designs
    • Comfortable
    • Great Grip
    • Material:  Plastic
    • Type:Random Colors
    • Height: about 10.5 cm
    • Width: about 5 cm
    • Thickness: about 2.5 cm
    • Length of Tassel: about 12 cm
    • Battery: Built-in button cell


    • 4 Days Required For Delivery
    • 3 Days Checking Warranty
    • Exchange is ONLY valid in case of defected / faulty product claimed within 3 days of warranty
    • Exchange / Replacements will be Processed in 7 days


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